Delirious Come Out of the Christian Scene (BBC Radio 1's Entertainment News)
Last modified: 25 Mar 1999

Source: BBC Radio 1's Entertainment News
Author: unknown
Date: 25 Mar 1999

Delirious are celebrating their third Top 20 single this week. 'See the Star' is currently at No.16 and confirms the band's status as the most successful product of the UK's fledgling Christian rock scene. That said, Stu G and Jon from the band are keen that people judge them for their music first, rather than focussing on their beliefs: "Obviously, we have a faith but at the moment in time we'd like to major on the music and kind of get a bit of respect for the music we make, just like any other band, really", they told Radio One. "We feel that we've built up our following, just like any other band. We've been quite successful, having two Top 20's and I think it's starting to speak for itself. We hope that people like the music first of all".

They say they're benefitting from the massive Christian rock market in the States: "In America it's a huge industry - in the UK it's not, which is why we do have a faith and stuff but we want to make it the same way that everybody else does and every other band does. So we're going the same routes, really". And they add: "We're very excited about the Virgin release this year, and the way that they're so keen to take it into the pop market. So that's really encouraging".

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