Festival Preview (Parachute Festival)
Last modified: 01 Jan 2000

Source: Parachute Festival
Author: unknown
Date: Jan 2000

Delirious? Performing Saturday 5 February 2000 at Parachute!

Once again set to rock the crowds with their anthem-like melodies, the musical journeymen from Littlehampton are still raising eyebrows at the dawn of the new millennium. Delirious formed in January 1996. Their first 18 months were spent gigging all over the country, just happy to "take it wherever it goes". Now after four years they're in the limelight, focused on reaching an entire generation. Never a band to let their egos soar as far as their fame, Delirious keep their stage play pure and simple. "We really feel like we can change history" affirms lead singer Martin Smith. "Maybe that's kind of naive but if we don't believe that, how can we expect anyone else to?" Indeed one may think Delirious already are impacting history! With their latest release, Mezzamorphis gaining press focus from all media spectrums, the album's first single 'See the Star' became their highest chart placing yet. The sound and feel of Delirious lies somewhere between Radiohead and Embrace, carrying inspired lyrics on emotive melodies. Combining power and precision with high quality tunes, they weld corrosive guitars to feisty beats and offer loops, hooks, and tricks guaranteed to captivate the senses.

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