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Last modified: 21 Nov 2002

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 21 Nov 2002

The latest Delirious? album Touch has finally been released in the USA. American fans have had a long wait to get their hands on the album, which was originally released in the UK under the name Audio Lessonover? back in August 2001.

Dave Wood, from, set out to discover why it took so long and why changes were made to the album for it's US release, by putting these questions to Delirious? members Tim Jupp and Jon Thatcher.

Dave: Audio Lessonover? was released over a year ago in the UK. Why has it taken so long to release the US version?

Tim: Audio lessonover was released first in the UK as we wanted to continue with the momentum we were building in the mainstream at the time, along with continuing to release singles and touring with Bon Jovi at the time. Also, in the US we were planning to release Deeper as we felt the time was right for this in the Christian market there. As a result, the UK had to wait for the release of Deeper and the US had to wait for the release of Touch.

Dave: Will the US always have to wait a long time after the UK release for the albums to be released in the US?

Tim: No-this will not always be the case, and as mentioned before, the US did in fact have the Deeper album before anyone else. However, the markets work differently in terms of lead times required for the release of an album, so it is not always possible to synchronize the release of albums.

Dave: Touch is the first Delirious? album being released in the US on the Furious label. What difference will this make to releasing through Sparrow?

Tim: It is exciting for us to be fully in control of the release of Touch in the US, although Sparrow have done a brilliant job for us on our past releases. By having our own label we have full control over what marketing tools and budgets we use to promote the album, and also are able to creatively decide how all our packaging and promotional material should look.

Dave: Why has the track listing been changed and some tracks remixed for the US release? Now that the album is being released by your own label do you have the flexibility to release the album however you want to?

Tim: We certainly do have the flexibility and control to release the album with whatever tracks and track listing we decide, and have also in the past held control over this. The Audio Lessonover album was more directly aimed at the mainstream market in the UK, and the tracks on that album reflected that. However, it is important to understand that other markets are very different and the US Christian market is no exception to this. We have therefore released the album that we feel best will suit this market whilst trying to retain the heart of the original album. Also, if this album was to be released into the mainstream in the US in due course, we would probably look at the track order again, to try to best make the record suit yet another market.

Dave: Some people have already heard the song 'Touch' on the US compilation album 'Roaring Lambs'. Is the version on the new album a new recording of this song?

Tim: Yes, the version of Touch is a brand new version, and whilst not being massively dissimilar to the Roaring Lambs version is, we feel, a much better recording of this song.

Dave: When will you be promoting Touch in the US?

Tim: We will next be touring the US starting in March 2003, and are currently working on putting about 30 dates together during March, April and May. Keep checking out for further details.

Dave: Are there any plans to release singles in the US from Touch?

Tim: The first single 'Touch' is already being presented to Christian Radio in the US and we are currently exploring and discussing possible releases to the mainstream market.
Jon: 'Touch' is currently at number 30 in the CHR [Christian Hit Radio] charts. The American singles market is very different to the UK. The Charts are based purely on radio play rather than single sales, so unfortunately there is no video because videos don't look very good on the radio!

Dave: Audio Lessonover? didn't seem to be as popular in the UK as previous Delirious? albums. Why do you think this is and are you disappointed with the album?

Tim: Jon-do you want to have a go at this one!!!
Jon: No thanks!

Dave: Ok, fair enough! How well do you think the album will be received by the US fans?

Tim: We believe Touch is a strong album and have high expectations for it- however, its success doesn't ultimately rest with us. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Dave: Will Touch be released to the rest of the world?

Tim: Yes, right now there are other countries around the world preparing to release touch-we will try to publish a list of release dates for other territories as soon as possible.

Many thanks to Jon Thatcher and Tim Jupp for all their help in making this interview possible.

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