'Reason' Frontman On Supporting Delirious? In South Africa (
Last modified: 17 Jan 2006

Author: Jason Zeeman
Date: 17 Jan 2006

Exclusive to Jason Zeeman, frontman of South African rock band 'Reason', describes the day his band supported Delirious? in front of 6000 fans in Johannesburg.

How do you put into words one of the most inspiring and heartfelt days of your life? This isn't going to be easy, but I'm gonna have a crack at it in any case...

What starts out as an ordinary day for most was certainly anything but that for us on November 30th 2005. After weeks of preparation from meetings and marketing to arranging and rigging, the day had arrived. Delirious?, in my opinion one of the world's most exciting and relevant rock bands, were set to rock the angels and around 6000 people at Word and Life church in Sunward Park, Johannesburg. The day was going to be particularly special to me, because we were given the opportunity to be the support act for them that night.

At 9:00 a.m we headed for the airport to collect the band who arrived rather tired but in full force with their crew and the notorious Mr Ian Cattle (tour manager) who I'd really been looking forward to meeting - what a nice guy. After greeting the crew, I went on to meet the band. Tim greets me with a hug and says "thanks for everything" while Martin humbly nods his head in greeting and introduces himself. There's something really special about that man. You almost immediately sense the hand of God upon him and can't help but realize that he is somewhat of a modern day David, a man who knows his God and loves to chat with Him. Stu G, Jon and Stew Smith follow feeling really tired from the flight but still managing to show smiles all around while packing the vehicles before heading to the hotel. Tim headed straight to Soweto, a township in Jo'burg about 30 minutes from the airport. I, as a "proud" South African have not even been there. It challenges me to think that here I am, wanting to get out there and change the world while I'm not even looking to change that which is right on my door step. Tim, I commend you for your stand against HIV / AIDS and trust that I can learn from it.

While Tim was in Soweto, the rest of us headed to the hotel and then off to 'Word and Life' for lunch and sound checks etc. This is where it got interesting for me. General Ian gives the orders and the crew are off to rig and get things ready. The level of professionalism amongst the crew is totally inspiring to us and to Reason's crew in particular. Delirious? get up for their sound check and then it kind of hits me, I have to open for them!? Sure, no one ever remembers the support act and we didn't want to go into the gig with anything except to set a platform for Delirious? to minister from, which is why we only did one original for all those of you who were asking. There in front of me stands the band that we've done so many covers of through our early years of "getting things together". What a beautiful task God had set before us. "Set the platform for Delirious? to minister from".

We were due to start at 19:00 but when the time arrived the cars were still lined up all the way around the block so we had to push the "kick off" to 19:30. During this time Martin calls me and asks if we could pray. I got my band and he called his and we spent some time asking God to do His thing and use us in whatever way He saw fit. By the end of the prayer that Pastor Ronnie Barnard (Senior Pastor of Word & Life) had prayed, you kind of got the feeling that 'every little thing was gonna be alright'.

It's a strange feeling running onto a stage in front of 6000 people who didn't come to see you, but then again we were there for an audience of one and I really hope He liked it. We kicked off our set with Vertigo because His love is teaching us how to kneel and the rest was over in 20 minutes. Time for the big boys... Delirious? appeared on stage with Stu G riding those high notes and Stew Smith working that bass drum. Amidst all the organized chaos Martin started with two words and the crowd took over from there... "Rain Down"... the rest my friends was a wild ride. From Rain Down through Miracle Maker, Paint The Town Red, History Maker, Mountains and Take Off My Shoes to name a few, the band had led the crowd to the foot of the cross at times, to a big party around the throne at others. You felt the bass through your chest and grabbed the message with your heart. God was in the house. Delirious? knew it and the crowd did too. Everyone comes to life when God shows up, I don't think He's left the auditorium to date!

All in all, a great night that I believe 6000 people will never forget.

If I had to tell you in closing a few words to sum up the day; I could only say from the bottom of my heart a BIG thank you to Delirious? & crew for being so humble, loving and inspiring to so many people. We're fortunate enough to come off this high into the recording studio where we're busy with our debut album which is still to be named. We've all been in the studio many times before, but there's something different about this time. New energy, new ideas, new passion. Largely thanks to five humble worshipers from a town called Littlehampton. Thanks guys, we'll see you when we get there... would like to thank JP and Jason for their help in making this article possible. Please also visit the Reason website.

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