Martin Smith Responds To Selling-Out Claims
Last modified: 08 Jul 1999

Lead singer Martin Smith has written a moving statement to all the band's fans, followers and music critics. He examines claims that the band are ready to sell out to the mainstream culture and reassures the fans that the band are stronger than ever in their faith.

Martin says "...we are passionate about 'opening up the doors' and letting people be aware of our music and spirituality. It is truly the mezzanine floor for us, and to go back to what we were doing musically would feel uncomfortable and bring death to the creativity, not perhaps for a few years but definitely in the future. The flip-side is that our dream of mainstream 'success' is not here either, and perhaps it is not possible with the values and morals we hold, BUT, something inside of us tells us to keep going. For some we have slipped from 4th gear to 2nd, but I can assure you that this car has barely left the garage. We've got a new engine under the bonnet called Mezzamorphis and we're not backing down. It's time for the freeway. It's time to overtake."

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