New Album 'Mezzamorphis' Charts At Number 25
Last modified: 18 Apr 1999

The long awaited new album from Delirious?, Mezzamorphis was released on 12th April in the UK. The album entered the UK Albums chart at number 25 on 18th April, slightly lower than expected after having reached number 12 (400 sales short of the Top 10) in the mid-week chart. However, the album did enter the Indie Album charts at a very impressive number 3!

Several record stores also had Mezzamorphis high in the charts, with 'Our Price' placing it at number 10 and HMV at number 5. On 25th April, Mezzamorphis dropped to number 69 in the Albums chart and number 12 in the Indie Albums chart.

The band had been on a tour of HMV record stores throughout the country promoting the album in the previous week, making live performances at Southampton (11th) and Oxford Street London (12th) where they were introduced by Neil Morrissey (from TV show "Men Behaving Badly").

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