Martin Smith on Radio 2's Good Morning Sunday
Last modified: 21 May 2007

Martin Smith on Radio 2's Good Morning Sunday Martin Smith was interviewed on BBC Radio 2's 'Good Morning Sunday' show yesterday morning, 20th May. The show's host, Aled Jones, himself a well known singer and performer, asked Martin a series of questions ranging from the band's history and faith to their mainstream success. He also plugged the band's new book, titled 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever'.

During the interview, Martin admitted that there have been times when the band would have liked more secular recognition. "I think that every artist would like to have recognition for their work," he said. "It'd be great to do a Jools Holland show and have recognition in that respect, but we haven't given up on that. Our time will come." Aled agreed, saying "I definitely think it will. I don't understand it at all myself to be honest with you and I think it's those programmes loss."

At the end of the interview 'Our God Reigns' from the band's latest album 'The Mission Bell' was played, before Aled invited Delirious? to come back on the show at a later date to perform live.

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