Those suits
Last modified: 03 Nov 2006

Delirious? in their white suits

So the UK leg of The Mission Bell Tour has now come to an end, and the band head out to mainland Europe to continue the tour. It has been a quite extraordinary tour, notable for it's stunning visuals (you've got to love that History Maker video), superb theatricals (the dramatic 'curtain drop' and comedy Happy Song routine), excellent music (just how good is Take Off My Shoes) and... of course... THOSE white suits! I took the above photo in the band's dressing room, about 2 minutes before they went on stage for the very first night of the tour in Southampton. They'd just got changed into the suits and wanted a photo taken for their scrap books, so Martin handed me his camera and asked me if I could take a photo of them. I obliged, and then rather cheekily and sneakily, quickly pulled out my own camera and with a sheepish grin asked if they'd mind me taking a photo of my own. They agreed, but imposed one condition on me. The photo was not to appear on my website until after the UK tour finished. They didn't want the surprise to be spoilt for anyone who might be going to one of the tour dates. (They'd made a similar request back on the World Service Tour in 2004 when I took a photo of them in their matching pin-striped suits, and held the photo back until after the tour ended).

So anyway, now the tour is over, here's the photo. You can see the matching white suits in all their glory. Each one is individually tailored with it's only little quirks. I love the poses they're pulling for this photo. Martin looking as casual as anything, Stu in his own little world, Jon without a neck and Stew and Tim standing to attention with heads held high, chins up. Sorry about the annoying flash reflection in the dressing room mirror - I only had time for one snap so didn't get a chance to adjust my angle. There has been quite a debate about the suits and I think for many, the jury is still out. They're certainly a bold statement by the band. Personally I love the quirkiness of them, and the fun side of the band that they show. What ever you think about 'those suits', the guys wearing them certainly know how to put on a show.