Clare & Tom
Last modified: 29 Oct 2006

Clare and Tom get married

On Saturday I had the great pleasure of attending the wedding of Clare and Tom. The reason that this is relevant is because five years ago they first met each other in the D:scussion Forum. The friendship deepened after they met first the first time in person at a Delirious? concert the following year, and before long they were going out together. I remember Clare e-mailing me at the time to let me know that they'd got together through my website, and I joked that if they went on to get married then they would have to invite me! They agreed, and four years later they kept their word when they married in Wiltshire.

I've got to know Clare and Tom quite well in recent years, meeting them on several occasions, and I can honestly say they really are a lovely couple. As they walked down the isle together at the end of the wedding, the Delirious? song 'Everything' played - a stunning tribute to the band which brought them to get together in the first place. Two of Clare's bridesmaids, Lizzie and Maz (pictured above) are also members of the D:scussion Forum. When Delirious? were made aware of Clare and Tom's wedding, they sent their congratulations and best wishes to them in the form of a card.

I'm sure the whole of the Forum joins me in saying congratulations to Mr & Mrs Reay. We wish you every happiness together.