Last modified: 30 Jan 2006

Back in November, when I went to see Delirious? leading worship in Southampton, Paul Smith (d:'s merchandise guy and brother of Martin Smith) gave me a CD by a band called Hyperfuse (Paul's son Tom - Martin's nephew - is the bands lead singer). I've written about them on this site in the past and ever since Paul gave me their CD I've been meaning to write a review of it. I've finally done so and although this isn't strictly about Delirious?, there is an obvious connection and from time to time it's nice to mention a few other related bands on the site.

Hyperfuse - Forgotten Ally EP
DDR0905 - Dream Depot Records
Review by Dave Wood ( Jan 2006

Hyperfuse are a four piece guitar-rock band from Littlehampton, steadily eking out an underground following with an ever increasing reputation. For the foreseeable future they will inevitably fall under the shadow of Delirious?, the band who have become synonymous with the town both bands call home. More than that, the family connection (Tom Smith, vocals, is nephew of Delirious? lead singer Martin Smith. Ben Thatcher, drums, is brother of Delirious? bass player Jon) will ensure a constant comparison and indeed Hyperfuse's guitar work (Steve Evans) more than lends a nod to Delirious' Stu G. Despite these intertwined links, Hyperfuse are more than worthy of a reputation in their own right as the Forgotten Alley EP proves.

With a sound that is heavily guitar influenced, backed up by the heavy yet subtle bass of Jamie Mellor, the band are eminently listenable. Tom Smith’s unique vocal style stands out from the start of opening track ‘Magnetise’ which hints at the band's faith, “I'll be the man You said I'd be” and sees a subtle blend of drums and guitars. In fact the exquisite guitar work demonstrates an extraordinary maturity for such a young band.

Hyerpfuse further show their undeniable musical talent in 'Bright Lights', the clear highlight of the CD. Its infectious guitar riff and catchy lyrics, sung with pure nonchalance, are superb. 'Forgotten Ally' has haunting opening guitars and spooky sounding vocals, leading to a soaring chorus, “For Your arm is stronger”, bordering on an epic sound. If Hyperfuse keep on producing tracks like these they can be assured of a bright future in the music business.

Closing track 'The Revelation' is the weakest on the CD, letting down an otherwise highly impressive showcase of their abilities. To be fair it picks up towards the end after the slightly cliched use of distorted and distant sounding singing. This four-track CD is a teasing taster of what the band is capable of. High points are definitely the guitars and the fresh, resounding, professional overall impression the songs leave you with. When a full album follows, as it surely must, it will be something not to be missed.

Last year Hyperfuse supported bands Dweeb and Steve, and performed at Grapevine. In 2006 they are hoping to have gigs at Soul Survivor, Greenbelt and Grapevine.