New Year, New Interview
Last modified: 12 Jan 2006

I'd been planning on doing a new interview with Delirious? for a little while now, and I've finally published the interview on the site today. I wanted to get the band's perspective on some of the issues concerning The Mission Bell that people have been most confused about, or most intrigued by. So I started by asking them why they decided to release another single after such a long gap since their previous one. I also asked them if they were disappointed that the single didn't reach the Top 40. I think the answers that Tim gave on this subject were extremely interesting and confirms that the band didn't see the single as a failure. There were of course a whole host of questions that had arisen with the release of the new album, so I tried to cover as many of those as I could. I asked about the amount of Christian lyrics on the album, the songwriting credits, getting contributions from the likes of TOBYMAC and Matt Redman and what it would take to make this album a success.

Hopefully you'll find it interesting and informative to hear the band giving their views on some of these points. But I suspect that the thing fans will be most excited to read is Tim's revelation that the band are finally considering the prospect of recording a live DVD! It is probably the most talked about and most demanded product amongst fans in the past few years, and up until now Delirious? have always placed the idea in the distant future saying it isn't currently feasible. But for the first time ever, they have finally come out and said that it is something they are considering doing this year. It's not definite by any means, but it's a great piece of news to start the year with. Enjoy the interview.