Now Is The Time DVD
Last modified: 28 Sep 2006

DVD: Martin shines a spotlight into the crowdI've been desperate to review 'Now Is The Time - Live At Willow Creek' for ages now, and finally today I've posted my review on I really can not express just how much I love it and just how incredible it is. I've never been particularly eloquent when it comes to writing, so I quickly run out of superlatives. Over and over I wanted to write words like 'Stunning', 'Incredible' and 'Emotional' when reviewing the DVD. That last word in particular kept coming back to me as I watched it. It hadn't really dawned on me from the tracklisting alone - but actually this DVD has a very high concentration of emotion filled power songs. Our God Reigns, Take Off My Shoes, Miracle Maker, Every Little Thing, Majesty, What A Friend, Investigate. They all give you the chills as Delirious? work their way through some of the best tracks they've ever written.

DVD: Martin with his megaphoneI was never a huge fan of Our God Reigns on The Mission Bell (I gave it 3/5 stars in my initial review). But the version on this live album is just such a huge improvement that the chorus is now up there with one of my favourites. There are loads of nice touches on the DVD, things like Take Off My Shoes being shot in black and white, and then the colour gradually fading back in towards the end. I also love the occasional shot of Jon, Stew or Tim singing along.

The bonus features on the DVD are excellent too. The 30minute documentary is fascinating, full of interviews with each of the band individually, and lots of previously unseen photos and video clips. Some very scary hair styles on display from the 'early days' too. Then there is a short behind the scenes look at shooting the DVD at Willow Creek, and the 'monitors wall' which shows what the DVD's director saw during the filming of Fires Burn. DVD: The monitors wall8 different camera angles on screen at once (see right), with the voice of the director choosing which shot to take next.

I can't stress enough just how brilliant this DVD is. Everyone involved, from the band, to the crew and technical staff at Willow Creek, should be congratulated on a superb product.