The Future
Last modified: 08 Nov 2007

So, the superb new V3 website has gone live, and what a treat it is. Lovely new design, additional features, lots of interaction and perhaps most exciting of all, the Living Room and its Sofa - home to the band's personal blogs. There are some additions still to be revealed which will continue to make it a superb resource for d: fans on the web. / brings me to the point of this post. Where does the future lie for Already people have started to ask that question on the forum, and I've avoided being too specific as there are a few things yet to be announced. However, I think it's pretty clear that needs to change. The goal of my site has always been to provide a source of up to date Delirious? information for fans, giving them things they couldn't easily find elsewhere. The official site will always be the definitive source of information, but there tended to be a gap that I was able to fill with my site. That is until now. Now the excellent V3 is a lot more fluid, more up to date and more interactive. Time will tell how things work out, but early indications show that the band are more keen than ever to keep fans updated on what is going on.

That is exactly what an official band site should be about. So, where does that leave Is there still space for an unofficial site alongside such a splendid official site? To be honest, that is a question I've been asking myself recently. It would be nice to hear your opinions too. At the very least I think it is time for to have a little facelift. Under the shadow of V3 it suddenly feels very old fashioned and out dated. So, what should change? What would you like to see added or changed with Simply a new paint job, a whole new design, a complete rebuild? I'm open to suggestions. Or perhaps you feel that is no longer needed. Perhaps V3 fills the gap that once filled, and now as a fan you can get everything you need from V3.

This isn't about my ego (honestly!). I'm not writing this to get a flood of comments saying how much you want me to keep my site. I'm not saying I'm going to act on every piece of feedback I get here. But it would be interesting to know what visitors to the site really think. Change or no change? Future or no future? Let me know. I can take it. I hope. (Well, be gentle with me otherwise I might get grumpy, ok?).