Spanish Album 'Libertad' Goes On Sale
Last modified: 19 Nov 2002

Spanish Album 'Libertad' Goes On Sale 'Libertad', the Delirious? album with Martin Smith singing vocals in Spanish, has now been released. After several delays caused by printing and production problems, 'Libertad' has finally hit the shops. It is now on sale internationally, apart from in North America where it will be released on 8th April 2003 to the 20 million Spanish speakers in America.

The album contains twelve songs from the band's Cutting Edge era, including Did you Feel The Mountains, I Could Sing, and Obsession, which Martin specially re-recorded lyrics in Spanish for. "A week was spent with a vocal coach from Mexico painstakingly singing line by line." Smith explains. "I can't say how excited I am about this project, this really is something that we as a band can give back to the Spanish speaking people, many of whom come to our concerts around the world."

This is the first time that Delirious? have recorded tracks in any language other than their native English. 'Libertad', which translated in English simply means 'Freedom', is released on the band's own record label Furious? Records and will mainly be marketed at Spanish speaking nations and the USA. Nearly 6% of the world's population speak Spanish, compared with 9% who speak English.

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