Summer of American Touring Begins
Last modified: 19 Jun 2002

Summer of American Touring Begins Delirious? flew out to the USA yesterday (18th June) in preparation for a series of US tours over the coming months. The band will be playing at several different music festivals in America during the summer, including Creation East & West, Spirit West Coast, Sonshine Festival and Lifest.

During June Delirious? will play 9 concerts in the space of 10 days, with the first being in Ohio today (19th June) at the Alive Festival and the last being Creation East on 28th June. Delirious? will then make a short 4 day trip to the US in mid July, returning again at the end of July until the 4th August.

At the end of August Delirious? will appear at the Greenbelt Festival in the UK (26th August) before returning to the USA again in September for further concerts. Other US dates are likely in the Autumn when Delirious? release 'Audio Lessonover?' to the North American market.

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