Martin Smith Talks To Radio 4 About 'God Rock'
Last modified: 09 Mar 2002

Martin Smith Talks To Radio 4 About 'God Rock' Martin Smith was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's 'Front Row' programme on 5th March, during a feature about 'God Rock'. The programme looked at the emergence of Christian bands in the world of Rock and Roll, mentioning both Delirious? and the US band POD.

Talking to interviewer John Wilson about the prejudices of being a Christian rock band, Martin said: "I think true rock and roll is just being yourself and we're certainly doing that, to the detriment of maybe being successful. If you've got a thing about something, your life has got to back it up."

Freelance music critic John Aizlewood, who in the past has reviewed Delirious? gigs for the Guardian Newspaper and written about 'Audio Lessonover?' for Q Magazine, was also interviewed on the programme. Speaking about the differences in Christian bands he said; "Delirious? will sell out large venues [but] the bars will be virtually empty... There is no reason why you can be a Christian and not rock".

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