BBC Liquid News Report on Delirious?
Last modified: 06 Aug 2002

BBC Liquid News Report on Delirious? Delirious? have been interviewed by BBC news about the recent growth of the Christian music industry and the band's ever increasing popularity in the USA. The BBC's entertainment correspondent, Tom Brook, caught up with the band at the Kingdom Bound Festival in New York on 4th August to ask Martin Smith some questions.

Discussing what people think about Christian bands Martin said "The perception is that its going to be happy clappy and people wearing sandals and all the rest of it. That may be so 30 years ago but now everything's moved forward and culture's changed".

Fans attending the festival were also interviewed, along with Christian music retailer Chris Alexander who attributed the recent increase in sales to the terrorist events last year: "September 11th had a great impact on Christian sales. A lot of people got closer to God because of the tragic event". The two minute report was broadcast on BBC Choice's 'Liquid News' programme on 5th August.

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