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 Press Releases & Mailings
The Final Tour
Last modified: 13 May 2009

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious? Records
Date: 13 May 2009

Belfast - Edinburgh - Bristol - Birmingham - Leeds - London

After a five-figure number of gigs in front of a six-figure number of fans, Delirious are putting plans together for one final tour. Taking in six dates in the UK and further gigs across mainland Europe, the band who have helped redefine the very fabric of modern worship will make these dates their last.

These are not just the final gigs of one band or even the close of a remarkable chapter. It's the end of an era. Delirious crafted for themselves a unique place in so many people's hearts, much of the time built on the impact of their live gigs. As a fusion of open-mouthed spectacle and head-bowed wonder, any Delirious gig has always held the potential to capture and captivate, encouraging everyone in the room towards a closer connection with God.

And so these final gigs will be something special, but not just because of the nostalgia factor. Without any support act at all, Delirious will take the stage for an unforgettable evening, tracing the arc from the early days up to the latest releases. Not so much a Best Of..., the tour will be the Ultimate Delirious Experience: going deeper, flying higher and running faster than ever before.

Delirious have plenty of track record when it comes to stunning live shows. That's why Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams pulled them in for UK tour support. And it's why even today albums like 1996's Live And In The Can, or the more recent DVDs like Now Is The Time or this year's Colombian adventure My Soul Sings have all been heralded as instant classics.

Yet there's more to the live show than bright lights and nonstop action. Delirious songs like 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever', 'Lord You Have My Heart' and 'Majesty' are sung in churches across the world every week. Connecting people with God is what Delirious have always done, first and foremost. The live shows, with their historymakers and crowds and energy have always been larger than life versions of that same connection.

Having announced last summer that 2009 would be their final year touring and recording together, Delirious have been as busy as ever. With the release of the My Soul Sings live DVD/CD, as well as gigs in North America, India, Singapore, China, the Philippines and beyond, the band continue to make smilingly-good music for anyone with the ears to hear.

Details of the tour follow, with European dates to be confirmed shortly.

Delirious? "History Makers" Farewell Tour

There is no support act.
Tickets: £17.50 + Booking Fees
Group Tickets: Buy 10 get 1 free + a low booking fee.
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