Angels Heard In West London Recording Studio!
Last modified: 12 May 2000

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious? Records
Date: 12 May 2000

May 11th will be a day to remember. Why?

Because, outside Westside Studios in West London, were a mob of over 100 very talented and committed D:fans waiting, very patiently we might add, to deliver their fine dulcet tones to enhance the new offering from the Fab 5 from L'A(mpton!).

After intensive hours recording bagpipes and the incredible talents of David and Carrie Grant, with members of their band United Colours of Sound, we finally entree:d the slightly chilled fans into the makeshift steam-room. With a warm welcome from manager Tony Patoto, the evening kicked off!

Martin gives an intro to maestro David Grant who walks through all his hand-signals and our appropriate vocal responses. After one of the best stand-up shows most people would have paid a small fortune for, David calls for the first "classic" to be hoisted onto the overhead - "Awaken the Dawn". We crank that one out. We're so good that Mr. Grant's worried he's out of a job and we're onto No. 2 - "My Glorious". After David charismatically reminds us of who our glorious is, we launch into song and having just really loosened up, hands are in the air and the sound of angels resound as we re-discover who our glorious is, 'cos He's here and raising the West End roof with us!

Like a well planned Evensong, we're into composition No. 3, "God You Are My God" taken directly from Psalm 63. Voices and hands raised, the crowd have got the temperature to a level not seen in these parts since 1976! (for those who might remember!).

At this point, a few larks had to flee the nest to catch the British Rail late night service home. Sadly missing them means that emotions were high and ready for the last anthem "The Years Go By". Missing our recently departed new-found friends, we had the energy to hold back the tears and muse-ically reminisce and discover for ourselves that after all of these years we're still doing what we love and just how amazing our Glorious has been in leading us to this point. Having, all evening, sung our hearts and lungs out, we realise that the best is yet to come......

The end of July will be the proof in the pudding when the new album "Glo" hits the streets.

That's why May 11th was a day to remember.


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