Lost Baggage - The Video
Last modified: 27 Mar 2001

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious? Records
Date: 27 Mar 2001

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As the clocks jumped forward into British summer time, the excitement of summer filled our lungs so much so we decided to pack our suit cases and fly south. The contents of our cases however were not pants, socks, suntan lotion and beach balls but instead Martin, Tim, Jon and two Stews.

Have delirious? finally become delirious? Maybe....but maybe we were shooting the brand new video under the sharp eyed direction of the legendary Andy Hutch.

We as delirious have played in some strange places but a mutant suitcase has got to be up amongst the strangest. The story line goes that five full grown men mysteriously get caught inside a suitcase and stowaway to a warmer climate.

The shoot basically entailed us being cramped into a tiny box trying to play our instruments while being shaken, kicked and rocked......All in a days work!

The full edit will be available on the single released June the 4th, but keep your eyes open for an unmarked suit case on your TV screen any day soon

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