Waiting For The summer
Last modified: 01 May 2001

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious? Records
Date: May 2001

Peace, Love and Harmony...

When people like us start telling people like you about the latest product that's about to hit the shelves things often seem to get a little out of hand: singles suddenly become flushed with supernatural powers to enlighten and heal... albums promise so much more than a 50 minute distraction from the traffic.. 'artists', we are told, are on the verge of delivering 'the biggest'/'the rawest'/'the most inspiring' whatever it is that we're worried will be clogging up the dark corners of the bargain bins in a few quiet months' time. You know the score.

So what about Delirious?' forthcoming single, 'Waiting For The Summer'? Well, here's what it won't do:
- Make you into a better person
- Improve your social skills
- Usher in a new dawn of global peace and understanding

'Waiting For The Summer' will, however:
- Make its way promptly to the head of the queue for those home-made 'Summer Of 01' compilation tapes
- Make you smile. A lot.
- Give you something to hum even though you only remember four of the words from the whole song
- Get you wondering where you've heard of Delirious? before
- Make you smile some more

You see, the brand new single from Delirious? is just what a great pop single ought to be: short, simple, sweet and perfectly formed. It starts out fast and keeps on the same, taking you up and down in all the right places, tickling you with images from whatever thoughts you like to have about the summer. It is, and let's be quite clear about this, just a single, but it's just about the most euphoric bit of finger-tapping, guitar pop you're going to hear before the Beach Boys join up with The Foo Fighters and pay tribute to the life and times of Eddie Izzard. Or something like that.

Oh, and in case you're wondering: Delirious? are that group who are supporting 'Bon Jovi' on their UK tour this summer, who stalked the charts in 97 and 99 with singles from their albums 'King of Fools' and Mezzamorphis and who are, quite frankly, the bringers of musical revelation to rock, pop, the universe and everything. OK?

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