Waiting For The Summer
Last modified: 29 Mar 2001

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious? Records
Date: 29 Mar 2001

New Single out June 4th 2001 - 'Waiting For The Summer'

Finding the right words to say at the right time can be so hard, don't you think? I mean, just how should you break a piece of top notch news: build up slowly, making sure the mood is just right, or just come on out and say it? Well, time's running out so here goes: Delirious? are pregnant. Yup, and it's triplets.

This summer is going to be something special, as the boys make their boldest attempt yet on the mainstream charts. June will be greeted by the smiling face of a stunning new single. According to anyone who's heard 'Waiting For The Summer' so far it's pure happiness, a 3 minute massage to the soul, grin-fuel on a CD. With it, Delirious? have taken the rock/pop vibe of earlier material and run with it - blending, refining, enhancing and generally redefining the essence of a great song. You will, in short, love it. Lots.

But that's not all: we are proud to announce that the lads had been invited to support veteran rock-gurus Bon Jovi on their UK tour this June. Nice, huh? It seems that the boys' own fine blend of everyday anthems has gone down well with Jon, Richie and the others. Delirious? will be helping to set the mood of over 300,000 people at some top-notch stadiums around the country, including Cardiff Millennium Stadium and the HUGE Milton Keynes National Bowl. Living on a prayer? Too right, my friend, and the excitement round here is already through the roof. I mean, what a great opportunity: the boys will be churning out their upwardly mobile sounds to the masses and who knows what might happen next. After the sell-out Glo Tour of last year and with their best material ever currently bulking up in the studio, we're in the market for some seriously hot summer nights. The d:boys are just about ready to burst with musical energy - make sure you're there to gather up the memories.

Oh yeah, and there's a Channel 4 documentary in the pipeline due to be screened around the time of the first single. Not bad, eh? So, with babies like these on the way, we'd strongly advise getting some sleep while you still can.

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