Press Releases & Mailings

 Press Releases & Mailings
On His Majestys Secret Service (d:Mail)
Last modified: 16 May 2002

Date: 16 May 2002

File D05 >16.05.02
Code name >Fire Tour 2002
Mission >F & I [FIND & INFORM]

With your favourite d:agents now rehearsing at a secret location - the finishing tweaks are being added to make sure that all sonic and visual weaponry are once again set to impress. We can assure you that the set of songs being prepared for this tour are nothing short of eclectic. Classic anthems combined with the newest d:tunes make for an engaging mix. Sonically this tour is going to be massive and is certainly not for the faint-hearted...

...But that's not all. Our allies have advised us that to truly excel in this field our agents must learn to make the most of all visual aids at their disposal. Taking this information on board our Research & Development team have developed some ground breaking visuals. Therefore this tour is set to be one of the most dazzling d:specticals yet.

We've also enlisted international agents All Star United who will be teaming up with us for a truly awesome operation.

However no mission would be truly complete without informing and bringing our agents on the ground into play.

Should you choose to follow the links below you will be helping ignite the Fire Tour 2002.

The mission: to find and inform all those willing to let their imagination be set alight this spring...

Time is running out so the secret papers attached should be spread without delay. This protocol is effective immediately.


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