Tracklisting For 'Now Is The Time' Live DVD/CD Confirmed
Last modified: 17 Jul 2006

Tracklisting For 'Now Is The Time' Live DVD/CD Confirmed The tracklisting for the forthcoming live concert DVD/CD from Delirious? has now been confirmed. 'Now Is The Time - Live At Willow Creek' will be released in the UK on 9th October and in the USA on 17th October. The DVD contains 15 songs, including 8 from latest album 'The Mission Bell' and many other Delirious? favourites. A live CD is also included with the DVD, containing a slightly different track list.

1. Here I Am Send Me
2. Rain Down
3. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble? [Reprise]
4. Solid Rock
5. Now Is The Time
6. Our God Reigns
7. What A Friend I've Found
8. Miracle Maker
9. History Maker
10. Paint The Town Red
11. Every Little Thing
12. Take Off My Shoes
13. Majesty (Here I Am)
14. Our God Reigns [Reprise]
15. Investigate
1. Here I Am Send Me
2. Rain Down
3. Solid Rock
4. Now Is The Time
5. Our God Reigns
6. What A Friend I've Found
7. Miracle Maker
8. Paint The Town Red
9. Every Little Thing
10. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
11. Take Off My Shoes
12. Majesty (Here I Am)
13. Our God Reigns [Reprise]
14. All This Time
15. Our God Reigns [Radio Edit]
DVD Extras:
Behind the scenes [8mins]
Monitor Wall - Directors audio extra track Fires Burn [4mins]
The Delirious? story [30mins]

The DVD, which is currently being edited, will include several bonus features. A 'behind the scenes' feature follows the band before the concert, 'The Delirious? Story' is a 30 minute documentary about the band, and 'Fires Burn' is a bonus track. The DVD is expected to come in attractive 'special packaging'.

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