'Now Is The Time - Live At Willow Creek' Available To Pre-Order
Last modified: 10 Aug 2006

'Now Is The Time - Live At Willow Creek' Available To Pre-Order The cover artwork for the forthcoming live concert DVD/CD from Delirious? has now been finalised (see right). 'Now Is The Time - Live At Willow Creek' will be released in the UK on 9th October and in the USA on 17th October. All non-US fans can now pre-order the DVD from the FierceShop, priced at £15 (including delivery).

The full-length live DVD contains 15 songs, including 8 from latest album 'The Mission Bell', as well as several bonus features such as behind the scenes footage and a 30-minute documentary about the band. A live audio-CD is also included with the DVD, containing a slightly different set of tracks. The DVD was recorded at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago on 13th June this year, and Furious? Records says "The DVD will capture the essence of the gig, as well as explore the heart behind the band."

Discussing the DVD, Martin Smith said: "Over the last two albums we've been singing a lot about going out, about letting our faith act as the fuel for service and mission. We love hearing about people who are finding themselves similarly inspired, and we hope that this new live DVD and CD will help spread the message even further, encouraging and army of history makers to live life out loud."

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