Martin Smith Duets On Matt Redman's New Album 'Beautiful News'
Last modified: 10 Oct 2006

Martin Smith Duets On Matt Redman's New Album 'Beautiful News' Delirious? frontman Martin Smith appears on the eagerly awaiting new album by Britain's premier worship leader Matt Redman. 'Beautiful News' is released by Survivor Records in the UK in January 2007 and by Sparrow/EMI in the USA on 26 December 2006. The album includes a song titled 'Take It To The Streets' co-written by Martin Smith and Matt Redman. Martin joins Matt to sing vocals on the song.

Matt Redman is one of the most prolific songwriters in the church today and is best known for writing songs such as 'Blessed Be Your Name' and 'The Heart of Worship'. Matt and Delirious? have a long history together, having appeared on each others albums on several occasions. In 1998 Martin and Matt dueted on 'The Heart Of Worship' and most recently Matt and Delirious? co-wrote the song 'Now Is The Time' on the band's 'The Mission Bell' album.

Delirious? have been involved in a number of collaborations recently. Earlier this year Martin co-wrote a song called 'Grace' with Michael W Smith for his new album 'Stand' due out in November. Stu G has also been working with other worship artists, co-writing a song called 'I Love Your Name' with Graham Kendrick for his new album 'Out Of The Ordinary', due for release in November, and also playing guitar for the new Tim Hughes album.

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