Delirious? To Play At 'Calling All Nations' In Berlin's Olympic Stadium
Last modified: 28 Feb 2006

Delirious? To Play At 'Calling All Nations' In Berlin's Olympic Stadium Delirious? have been added to the line-up for one of the biggest Christian events in history. 'Calling All Nations' is set to see the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany, filled with tens of thousands of people worshipping God on 15th July. The event occurs just six days after the Football World Cup final takes place in exactly the same stadium.

The event follows on from 'Champion Of The World' which Delirious? took part at in 1997 at London's Wembley Stadium. On that occasion 45,000 people gathered to sing and worship. Says Noel Richards, worship leader and organiser of 'Calling All Nations', "It will be a truly historic gathering. We are calling the youth of the world and the young at heart to come and worship in this great and strategic city of Berlin. Never before have so many people from all over the world gathered together like this. Never before have such a global team of worship leaders and musicians come together to serve in this way. This will be a unique event."

In addition to Delirious?, a huge number of bands and artists have been lined up to perform at the event including: Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Paul Oakley, OneHundredHours, YFriday, Brian Doerksen and other artists from around the world, representing countries such as Holland, USA, South Africa and Germany. Martin Smith says of the event, "The day in Berlin will be an amazing occasion. There is always electricity in the air when different nations gather to worship God."

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