Daniel Bedingfield To Include Delirious? Song On His Next Album
Last modified: 04 Sep 2006

Daniel Bedingfield To Include Delirious? Song On His Next Album Pop singer Daniel Bedingfield looks set to include a song written by Delirious? on his next album. Daniel has had a string of number 1 hits in the UK with 'Gotta Get Thru This', 'If You're Not The One' and 'Never Gonna Leave Your Side' and has become a massive international success. He is an outspoken Christian who openly shares his faith during concerts and occasionally in his songs, and has been a firm friend of Delirious? for several years.

In 2003 Daniel appeared on the Delirious? album 'World Service', singing guest backing vocals on 'Every Little Thing'. Now, it seems, Delirious? have returned the favour by writing a song for Daniel Bedingfield's next album. Speaking at a press conference at the UK's Greenbelt Festival, where he was performing last week (26th August), Daniel said: "Delirious? are some of the most inclusive people I've ever met. I'll do anything with those guys; they're good mates. I'm on their album, and they wrote a song on mine. They're the best of the [CCM] bunch. Delirious? are one of the greatest groups of musicians who are alive on this planet."

Earlier this year Martin Smith revealed in an interview with Cross Rhythms that the Delirious? song 'There Is An Angel' (from the 2001 album 'Audio Lessonover?') is a song that "Daniel Bedingfield has often wondered about covering". Plans for a new album by Daniel Bedingfield have yet to be announced, but he is expected to release his third album in 2007, following on from the phenomenally popular debut album 'Gotta Get Thru This' (2002) and 'Second First Impression' (2004).

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