Glo 'Best Christian CD Of 2000' -
Last modified: 28 Feb 2001

The respected online retailer has voted the recent Delirious? album 'Glo' as the best Christian Album of 2000. Amazon said "2000 was a sublime one for fans of Christian music. There were so many solid releases that it was very difficult to arrive with a list of merely 10 top albums of the year. Our list reflects the enormous growth of worship-based music into the pop mainstream and the staggering talent of contemporary Christian music." Other bands in the top 10, beaten to the top spot by Delirious, included; Rebecca St. James, Jennifer Knapp and Jars of Clay.

Amazon describe their number 1 Christian album of 2000 by saying "Glo is nothing less than a perfect depiction of worshipful expression in a new millennium. The exotic songcraft and production crest with Martin Smith's divinely awestruck and heaven-desperate temperament. Unmatched by any other worship artist."

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