News 2001

Confirmation Of A Delirious? 'Rockumentary'
Last modified: 17 Feb 2001

Delirious? have now confirmed that a documentary is currently being filmed about them in the run up to the release of their next single. The documentary, first revealed exclusively on this web site back in December, will follow "The journey from Studio to release of the next single... from producers, lyrics, tempo, to the whole business side of promoting, stylists, photographers, and album covers." according to Hazel W-J, director of the rockumentary. The film crew have so far recorded footage backstage at several gigs (including London, Holland and Germany) and in various studios during the different stages of recording. It is currently hoped that the documentary will be shown on TV (possibly on Channel 4 or BBC 2) around the same time that the new single is released.

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