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White Ribbon Day - Tribute To America
Last modified: 13 Sep 2001

On Tuesday 11th September 2001 the entire world was shocked and sickened by the acts of terrorism which took place in the American cities of New York and Washington. In a low key statement on the band's website, Martin Smith (lead singer of Delirious?) announced that the songs 'America' (from their current album 'Audio Lessonover?') and 'White Ribbon Day' (the band's first ever single back in 1997) will be made available for free download from by way of a tribute.

Explaining the decision, Smith said: "We are not doing this as a 'weird' marketing ploy, but feel in light of what has happened we are changing our short term plans so that people across the world can participate in the sentiment of this song, written at the beginning of last year. It will be available free and no additional marketing or promotion will be undertaken. We are just letting this song go to where it needs to go."

'America' starts with the lyrics "America, you're too young to die" and ends with "You don't have to believe to belong". Explaining the sentiment of the song Smith went on to say "What happened in America yesterday has made the nations of the world stand still. It is often when we are standing still that the God of heaven speaks and brings us to our knees. Today as people who 'believe' or not we know we all 'belong' and must unite to 'sing a new song' in this time of tragedy."

Describing 'White Ribbon Day' he said "This song captured the mood of the time and was written due to peace negotiations in Ireland. It still seems to have a potency that can relate to recent events in the US and other tragedies around the world."

This website would like to join the world in offering its deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones.

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