Waiting For The Video
Last modified: 27 Mar 2001

The video for the forth coming single 'Waiting For The Summer' was shot in a London studio on friday (March 23rd). Andy Hutch, who filmed the previous Delirious? videos for 'Everything' and 'Its OK', once again took on the role of director. The band's drummer Stew Smith describes the plot of the video: "The story line goes that five full grown men mysteriously get caught inside a suitcase and stowaway to a warmer climate. The shoot basically entailed us being cramped into a tiny box trying to play our instruments while being shaken, kicked and rocked." Parts of the video were also filmed, without the band, in the warmer climate of Spain to complete the effect of stowing away to a hotter location. Delirious? have also confirmed that the full video will be included on the CD single when it is released on June 4th.

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