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Interview And Acoustic Performance On Radio 2
Last modified: 25 Nov 2001

Martin and Stu appeared live on Radio 2's 'Good Morning Sunday' show on 25th November. Presenter Pam Rhodes introduced them by saying "they are already making quite an impact on the secular mainstream music market with records like this" before playing the band's new single 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever'.

Later a 10 minute interview with them touched on topics about their faith, background, touring and music (see full transcript below). A croaky sounding Martin, having had little sleep after travelling from the previous night's gig in Bristol, then sung 'Take Me Away' accompanied acoustically by Stu G. During the song Martin explained the absence of the rest of the band by saying "Mr Smee's having a nice cup of tea, and Mr Jupp is getting the children up." They also had a chance to plug the release of their new single on 10th December.

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