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Tribute Songs Popular On
Last modified: 17 Sep 2001

The Delirious? songs 'America' and 'White Ribbon Day', which were made freely available on last week in light of the atrocities in America on 11th September, have seen large numbers of music fans flocking to download them. After just a few days in the MP3 charts, 'America' is at number 1 and 'White Ribbon Day' at number 2 in the 'Guitar Rock' chart and at number 2 and 3 respectively in the 'Rock' chart. In the 'Pop & Rock' chart the songs peaked at number 8 and 11 and in the overall 'Music' chart they reached number 19 and 29. The previous Delirious? MP3 song 'Take Me Away' reached number 9 in the MP3 music chart and number 2 in the 'Rock' chart.

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