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Furious and Fierce Websites Go Online
Last modified: 10 Apr 2001

Furious? Records and Fierce! Distribution, the management and distribution companies behind Delirious? have now launched their own websites. Furious? was originally set-up by the 5 members of Delirious? in the early 90's as a means to sell tapes of their 'Cutting Edge' events. The company now employs 12 people including the band's manager Tony Patoto and has sold "hundreds of thousands of units to virtually every territory in the world".

Fierce! Distribution is headed up by former music director of Word Music, Jonathan Brown, was launched on 1st October 2000 and operates from the UK offices of Furious? Records in Arundel. A press release from Fierce! explains that in addition to the distribution rights to Delirious? and any future Furious? artists, a number of other bands and singers have been lined up: "Sparrow Records have turned to Fierce! to distribute their artists Switchfoot, Earthsuit and Kendall Payne while Make Way Music has entrusted them with artist Graham Kendrick".

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