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American Tour Glo-ing Well
Last modified: 10 Apr 2001

The North American Glo Tour 2001 has now arrived in the USA after starting with 3 dates in Canada; firstly in Edmonton where Delirious? played to more than 15,000 fans, followed by a 12 hour drive on the tour bus to Kelowna, and finally Vancouver. The first US date (on April 9th) took place at Tacoma in Washington state. The band now have a day off before resuming in Cheney on April 11th. The setlist for the tour has seen 7 songs from Glo, including 'Hang On To You', 'My Glorious' and 'Intimate Stranger', as well as the new version of 'Happy Song' and Martin playing a Rhodes keyboard for 'Lord You Have My Heart'.

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