Delirious? Drummer Stew Smith Bows Out In Australia
Last modified: 28 Apr 2008

Delirious? Drummer Stew Smith Bows Out In Australia Stew Smith has now played his final concert as drummer for Delirious?. In January this year Stew announced his intention to leave the band to spend more time at home with his family and concentrate on setting up his own creative design agency, 'Smeezer Designologist'. This week Stew has been playing his final concerts with the band on tour in Australia.

During the tour Delirious? performed in Sydney, Richmond, Queensland and Adelaide. Stew's final ever concert with Delirious? was in Sydney at the Hillsong Church on 28th April. Shortly after the show he wrote on the band's website, "After a monstrous version of 'Investigate' it was time to take a bow, as I stood at the front of the stage the emotion become too much for me and I found myself standing in a huddle of tears knowing that it really had come to an end."

In a glowing tribute to his now former band mates, Stew said "It was time to take a final bow and thank the 4 guys that I have not only played music with for the past 15 years, but to say goodbye to my 4 best friends that have changed my whole life. I truly will never ever be the same, I am a better person for knowing these fine men." Looking to the future Stu G said: "Contemplating our sets today I'm struck that I'm sharing the stage with Stew for the last time. A marker will go in the ground today. Tomorrow will, and needs to, look different. It's not a simple transition, it's re-invention." Stew has been the band's drummer since the 'Cutting Edge' days in the early 1990s and will be greatly missed by everyone. As of 1st May 2008, Paul Evans will become Delirious' new drummer.

All the best for the future Stew - We'll miss you!

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