Plans For Greatest Hits And New Live DVD
Last modified: 13 May 2009

Plans For Greatest Hits And New Live DVD Details have emerged of two final releases from Delirious? in the next year. The band will release 'History Makers - The Greatest Hits CD' on 2nd November 2009. Lead singer Martin Smith has also revealed that the band are considering recording their final concert for a live album.

In an interview with Wrecked, Martin says, "There [are] plans for a proper Greatest Hits album, and maybe a live album of our London Concert at the end of the year. It still has to be worked out, but we are working some things".

The final Delirious? concert will be held at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on Sunday 29th November 2009, and despite only recently releasing the live CD/DVD 'My Soul Sings', it is understood that Delirious? will be recording their final show to be released as a live DVD in 2010.

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