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Stu G Reveals Plans For Life After Delirious?
Last modified: 26 Aug 2009

Stu G Reveals Plans For Life After Delirious? Stu G has spoken about his plans for the future after Delirious? comes to an end in November. Discussing the decision to finish the band, Stu says, "It came as a surprise last summer when Martin sat us down and said he wanted to leave, because we had already had that conversation after Stew (Smith) left. I personally didn't think we had finished and nor did anyone else at the time. So we decided to keep going. For whatever reasons Martin had, he felt like it was done for him. For me, it's been hard to get my head around. It's not been easy."

Since then Stu has made a number of trips to the USA to collaborate with other artists. "I'm out in Nashville quite a bit, writing with people and loving it. There are opportunities to play on other people's stuff. I've been getting in environments, which are really stretching!" Stu also reveals that he and bassist Jon have begun planning a new band together. "When I first started to go over there [Nashville], one of the names which cropped up was Jason Ingram, who is a songwriter/producer and very good at what he does" says Stu. "Jon and I have been working with Jason and a guy called Paul Mabury, who is an amazing drummer. We've been writing songs specifically aimed at the church. A band has developed with the four of us. It's something I really believe in. We're still not entirely sure how it's going to work. There are no dates or schedule, but we are making an album. It's very exciting and it's something, which I'm really passionate about."

So what will Delirious? fans make of the new bands music? "I think they'll love it!" says Stu. "With having Jon and I involved, of course, there are elements, which are going to sound like Delirious. Hopefully, we are still pushing things on, creatively. The great thing is that Jason has a great voice and Paul's a great drummer. Everyone brings something a little bit different. The main thing, for me is that the vision carries on, which will happen for all of us in Delirious in separate ways, in terms of making great music, which will inspire people. I think Delirious fans will love the new songs."

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