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About is an unofficial fan site run by Dave Wood. Dave is based in the UK and has been serving as a source of information for Delirious? fans on the web since early 1997. Every effort is made to ensure that the information on this website is as accurate and up to date as possible.

Where ever possible, the proper sources, authors and owners of information used on this site are credited, and copyright ownership acknowledged. Please note that all music, video and lyrical content belongs to Delirious?, Furious? Records and Kingsway. Unless otherwise stated, textual content is written by Dave Wood specifically for this website. Please ask before re-using anything. apologises for any uncredited content that might be included.

Thanks to the following people for willingly contributing photos to this website:
The incredible Becky and Rodger Smith, Herman & Matthias Gerritsen, David Holland, Tompaul Wheeler, Eveline Breugem, Sam Wade, Nigel Smith, Jason Dong, Clare Martin, Christine Macfie, Jessica Whatley, Justin Jordan, Cameron Wilson, Nicky Van Rensburg, Stefan Els, Justin Waite, James Quinton, James Mayl, David Heath, Annette Davies, Gregor Mailer, Philipp Roessler, The Bell Boys, Manon Bleumink, Chris Merriman, Gareth Jones, David Reimer, Kim Flanders, Nathalia Estrada, Gabor Nemeth, Rachel Davies, Owen Ralph, Amanda MacDonald, Gabriel da Silva, Nadine Sanders, Josh Blick, David Taylor, Kevin Truman, Sophie Lassila, Marcos Castro, Elizabeth Bowerbank, Jamie Sugg, Ben Sutton, Laura Bradford, Carl Davies, Alex Bonarius, Bart van Nes, Ann Izac, Charissa Jarmer, Justin Windham, Scottie Davis, John Jamison, Gord Erickson, Luke Johnson, Paul Henry, Wildo Seguchi, Dave Johnson, James Cooke, Samuel Ball, Suzanne Physick, Carl Davies, Marc Gilgen, Sarah Hutson.
(Plus anyone else not mentioned here!)

Some of the people who made it all possible:
Special thanks to everyone at Furious? Records, Fierce! Distribution and Kingsway for all your help. Especially Clive and JB.

Jon, Stu, Martin, Tim, Stew & Paul - it's been fantastic getting to know you all over the years. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to see inside your world so openly. All those journeys, dressing rooms, gigs and chats have left me with some incredible memories. It was an honour to spend time with you over all those years.

E, thank you for all your hospitality, help and support. You're a star and a friend.

The Smiths in California, what can I say but thank you for being part of everything, for your friendship, contributions and so many laughs.

Melissa, Beth & Reuben - sorry for all the times I abandoned you to go to yet another gig, and the hours spent in front of the computer! Thank you for putting up with me! I love you.

Further Information
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