New Book About Delirious? Being Considered
Last modified: 03 Sep 2002

New Book About Delirious? Being Considered Delirious? are considering putting together a book full of stories from fans about how songs have impacted their life. The band say "Over the years we've been in touch with plenty of people for whom God has done something wonderful. We're kicking around the idea of producing a book rammed full of stories about ways in which God has done such great things through the music.".

Fans who have a story to tell about how a Delirious? song has touched their life, are asked to write a brief outline of about 50 words and e-mail it to the band. These stories will hopefully be included in a new Delirious? book in the future.

This would be the second Delirious? book, following on from 'Purepop' which was written by Craig Borlase back in December 1998. 'Purepop' was described as the the first ever official Delirious? biography, charting the band members from their childhood to their role as an internationally successful band. The book, which also contained many previously unseen photographs by Andy Hutch, was published by Furious? Records.

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