Finalised Track Listing and Cover for Live Album 'Access:d'
Last modified: 14 Nov 2002

Finalised Track Listing and Cover for Live Album 'Access:d' The final details for the brand new Delirious? live album 'Access:d' have now been confirmed. After some last minute reworking of the album's artwork, the final cover has been decided upon (see right). 'Access:d' has now been mastered at the famous Abbey Road studios in London, and will shortly be going to print. The confirmed track listing for the double-CD album contains six spontaneous parts and 20 songs:

CD One:
Access:d Part 1 (Touch)
God's Romance
My Glorious
Access:d Part 2 (Blindfold)
Love Is The Compass
Access:d Part 3 (Rain Down)
The Happy Song
History Maker
CD Two:
Show Me Heaven
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Take Me Away
King Of Fools
Jesus Blood
Hang On To You
Access:d Part 4 (If We'd Ask)
Access:d Part 5 (Dance In The River)
Access:d Part 6 (Lord You Have My Heart)

'Access:d - Live worship in the key of d:' will be available in the UK at Christian bookshops from Saturday 30th November 2002, and in mainstream record stores such as HMV and Virgin, from 2nd December 2002. The album will come in a special tin can packaging, similar to that used for the 'Live & In The Can' album. Orders placed through the online store will also receive a special limited edition lanyard (similar to a 'backstage pass' badge). The songs on 'Access:d' were mainly recorded during the June/July 2002 US Tour, as well as at various other concerts over the past two years.

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