Release schedule changed for Spanish album 'Libertad'
Last modified: 16 Oct 2002

Release schedule changed for Spanish album 'Libertad' The release schedule for the first ever foreign language album from Delirious?, 'Libertad', has been changed. Fierce! Distribution have confirmed that the international release date will now be 26th October 2002, one week later than originally planned. The release date for 'Libertad' in the USA and Canada will be 8th April 2003. This will enable the band to focus better on the North American release of 'Touch', which is scheduled for 19th November 2002.

'Libertad' is sung entirely in Spanish and contains 12 songs from the band's 'Cutting Edge' albums. Earlier this year Martin Smith went into a studio to record the vocals in Spanish after spending a week with a vocals coach learning the lyrics line by line. The updated version of 'Lord You Have My Heart' (rerecorded for the 'Deeper' best-of album) along with original versions of other early Delirious? songs such as 'Did You Feel The Mountains', 'I Could Sing' and 'Find Me In The River' are all included on the album.

Martin's new Spanish vocals, along with additional backing vocals recorded by Spanish male and female singers were mixed together with the music tracks by Martin Smith at his home. A Spanish verse of 'I Could Sing' also appears on the live bonus disc that is included with the 'Touch' album. 'Libertad', which translates in English simply as 'Freedom', will be released worldwide by Furious? Records.

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